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1. Who ?

1.1. Mr Dillon

1.1.1. He is the target, the witness

1.1.2. He is expecting a call from Norton

1.2. Chief Inspector Norton

1.2.1. He asked to testify at their trial

1.3. A little red-haired man

1.3.1. He comes to read the meter

1.3.2. He asked Dillon's identity

1.4. Two young men

1.4.1. They wore jeans, sneakers, T-Shirts, not wearing marks

2. When ?

2.1. Political agitation in Ireland with I.R.A ( Irish Republican Army )

3. What ?

3.1. What did he see?

3.1.1. Dillon saw the face of one of his captors. He can identify the terrorist.

3.2. His reaction

3.2.1. He decided to refuse to speak to Chief Inspector Norton

3.3. What's happened

3.3.1. Two men kill him. There would be no witnesses.

4. Where ?

4.1. Dillon's home way

4.2. Dillon's house

4.2.1. The hall

4.2.2. Upstairs

4.2.3. Kitchen

5. Why ?

5.1. He is afraid

5.2. He can said to police who he saw, he can identify the terrorists, he was dangerous for their Army.