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Easy Legal by Mind Map: Easy Legal

1. Footer

1.1. Help

1.1.1. FAQ

1.1.2. Chat

1.1.3. Email

1.1.4. Phone

1.2. Opportunities

1.2.1. Become an Affiliate

1.2.2. Partner with us

1.2.3. Careers About Open positions What we offer

1.3. Stay in touch

1.3.1. Newsletter subscription field

1.4. Connect

1.4.1. Facebook

1.4.2. Twitter

1.4.3. YouTube

1.4.4. LinkedIn

1.4.5. Google+

2. Funcionalities

2.1. Predictive Search

2.1.1. Link to Document Page

2.2. Login

2.2.1. Create account Email / Password

2.2.2. Login with Facebook / Google

2.3. How can I help you?

2.3.1. LivePerson Live Chat Cobrowsing Manage website actions Shopping cart rescue

2.4. Live tutorial

3. Website

3.1. Home

3.1.1. Header Top right search box

3.1.2. Image Slider

3.1.3. Content Testimonials Institutional video

3.2. Build a document

3.2.1. Interview Login

3.3. Talk to an expert

3.3.1. Choose a topic Login

3.4. How it Works

3.4.1. Video animation of services

3.4.2. 1-2-3 explanation

3.5. Pricing

3.5.1. Dynamic pricing structure based on product

3.5.2. Subscription options

3.5.3. Sign up now

3.6. Help

3.6.1. Self-Service Predictive Search Redirect to answer Contact

3.6.2. Chat

3.6.3. Email

3.6.4. Call me back

3.7. About Us

3.7.1. Company history

3.7.2. What we do

3.7.3. Mission statement

3.7.4. In the media

3.7.5. Press

3.7.6. Board Information Photos Description

3.8. Contact Us

3.8.1. Phone numbers

3.8.2. Email

3.8.3. Chat

3.9. Blog

3.9.1. 20 blog posts Content 1 image per post

3.9.2. listing with thumbnail then summary of 10 latest posts

4. Internal Pages

4.1. User

4.1.1. Dashboard Complete Documents Sorted by Date/Time Incomplete Documents Ask a question Chat Email Visit out FAQ Call

4.1.2. Preferences Personal Info Name Email Phone Number (s) Billing Payments made Subscription Billing Address Payment Method Preferences Language Time Zone Time Format

4.2. Vendor

4.2.1. Vendor Dashboard Headline Link to separate page with all headlines Preferences Billing Language Time Zone Time Format Profile Company / Individual Information Services Rates Documents Your Cases Pending In Process Completed Contact Chat with Easy Legal Staff Call Email

4.3. Administrative

4.3.1. Communication Marketing (MailChimp) Newsletter Email Marketing Email Templates Welcome Password reset Pending document Information update Trial Reminders Intercom Post messages on Vendor Headlines Internal messages to employees Internal messages to vendors Blog Write Related categories / subcategories

4.3.2. APIs MailChimp Pago Efectivo Tawk.to nanorep LiveEngage

4.3.3. Promotions Trial Documents Determine trial time Users on trial mode Users Codes Configure promotion codes Manage engagement

4.3.4. Documents Builder Create document rules Input text Set as Featured Description Related documents Review / Edit Review log Categories / Subcategories

4.3.5. Users Profiles New Edit Access Levels Create Access Level Profile Enable / Disable Access Manage New Edit Revoke / Suspend

4.3.6. Vendors Approval Document repository Profile Review Settings Assign Services Document repository Enable / Disable Profiles Vendor Central Headlines FAQs

4.3.7. Site Manager Self-Service

4.3.8. Quality Control (QC) Documents pending review Review Assign to Vendor Auto-assign Incoming Client's name Document type Date stamp Assign rep Respond Chat Inbox

5. Purchasing process

5.1. Interview

5.1.1. Payment Download / Print

5.1.2. Payment Find a vendor Document review

5.1.3. Payment Document sent to review Reviewed by EL staff

5.2. Legal assistance

5.2.1. Payment option Find a vendor Exchange information

5.3. Document revision?