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Media Models by Mind Map: Media Models
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Media Models

Hypodermic Syringe Model

Vance Packard - We are all the same. The audience is inactive and is vulnerable to all media messages.

People in control of the media e.g. Murdoch, are able to inject their ideologies into the audience and disguise them as common sense.

There is some evidence of people taking this viewpoint, for example, the reason why we have watersheds on television or why we have age restrictions on films is because the government believe that children are susceptible to negative media messages.

This idea can be linked to a Marxist perspective.

Pluralists would disagree with this theory as they believe the audience is able to choose what media they are exposed to and are not always effected so instantly by what they see.

Active Audience Approaches

Structured Interpretation Model

Selective Filter Model

Uses and Gratification Model

Indirect Theories

Cultural Effects Theory

Two-Step Flow

Drip-drip Model