Transgender Equality

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Transgender Equality by Mind Map: Transgender Equality

1. What is Transgender?

1.1. Transgender is an umbrella term for people who's gender identity does not conform with the one given to them at birth.

1.1.1. Male-to-Female or MtF Female-to-Male or FtM Gender-Non-Conforming or GNC Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT Gender-Identity-Disorder or GID Top Surgery (chest reconstruction) Bottom Surgery (genital reconstruction, sex reassignment)

1.2. Myths

1.2.1. All transfolk undergo HRT and surgeries. "Trans singer chooses to forego HRT"

1.2.2. All MtFs are super feminine, and all FtMs are super masculine. "Life as a Feminine TransMan"

1.2.3. Trans people can't have children "Transgender Jewish Dad"

1.2.4. TransWoman describes post-surgery experience

1.2.5. Most transfolk don't pass well."Transgender man sums up the insanity of North Carolina’s new bill with one brilliant Tweet"

2. Combat Transphobia

2.1. Coming Out of the Closet

2.1.1. Someone once said if everyone came out of the closet, homophobia and transphobia would stop being an issue. While this easier said than done, staying in the closet does more harm than good.

2.2. How to Protect Yourself

2.2.1. In reality, being out of the closet is dangerous, even in out individualistic expression based society. Knowing how to defend yourself, surrounding yourself by accepting people, staying alert, and utilizing "Safe Spaces" can help keep you safe.

2.3. Education

2.3.1. A lot of transphobia comes from ignorance. Many phobics still believe the common myths being circulated about trans people. A few minutes of education can go a long way for phobics and also for transfolk who feel isolated because they don't know that there are other people like them.

3. Current Events

3.1. My mom said "it's really the year to be trans." With transgender awareness at an all time high in our lifetime, I can see why she'd say that. There is a LOT of transgender news.

3.2. Caitlyn Jenner

3.2.1. Trans Anti-Hero?

3.2.2. Jenner's Political View

3.3. Lewisberg Bathroom Laws

3.4. California Bathroom Laws

3.5. Transgender Refugees

3.6. Georgia's Religious Freedom Law

3.7. North Carolina's Discrimination Law

3.8. First Transgender person appointed as White House liason

4. History

4.1. Transfolk have been with us since the beginning of time. "Two-Spirit" is a word used by many Native American tribes to describe people of unusual gender identities. Evidence from various ancient cultures show the existence and acceptance of people with unconventional gender expressions.

4.2. Modern History

4.2.1. Lili Elbe "The Danish Girl" The first known person in the world to have received sex-reassignment surgery, died of complications in 1931

4.2.2. Kristine Jorgensen In the 1950s she became the first person in America to become widely known for being transgender.

4.2.3. 1966 "The Transsexual Phenomenon" was published by Harry Benjamin, outlining how a person can medically transition

4.2.4. 1969 The Stonewall Riots occurred in California after a police raid was carried out on a bar where many LGBT members congregated. This event is considered the spark that began the LGBT rights movement.

4.2.5. 1975 Minneapolis becomes the first American city to pass anti-discrimination laws that protect transfolk.

4.2.6. 1987 "Gender Identity Disorder" was defined an added to medical books to describe the condition of transfolk.

4.2.7. 1999 Transgender Day of Remembrance was first held to commemorate those lost to violence.

4.2.8. 2005 California Bans Insurance Discrimination against trans patients

4.2.9. 2008 Silverton, Oregon elects the first openly transgender mayor

4.3. Famous Trans People

4.3.1. Chaz Bono Born as Chastity Bono, Chaz is the child of Sonny and Cher Bono. He identified as a lesbian for many years before beginning his transition in 2008. There is a 2011 film documenting his change.

4.3.2. Lavern Cox Actor, Producer, LGBT advocate. Best known for her role as a trans character on "Orange is the New Black"

4.3.3. Buck Angel Adult video actor/producer, LGBT advocate. The film "Mr.Angel" documents his transition and his path into the adult film industry. This is his!

4.3.4. Caitlyn Jenner Olympic Gold medalist, TV personality, talk of the town

5. WHY?

5.1. Why is transgender equality so important anyway?

5.1.1. -Marriage -parenthood/adoption -housing/employment -bathrooms/locker rooms -school sports -STI testing/prevention -media sensationalization -health care services -immigration -insurance -name change -hate crimes/discrimination

5.1.2. The American census allows 2 possible gender identities, male or female, this doesn't allow for an accurate centralized way of gather info about the trans population. The following statistics are taken from a specific report: 41% of transfolk have attempted suicide, compared to the 1.6% of the general population Compared to the general population, unemployment is about double 28% of participants experienced harassment in a medical setting 2.64% HIV+, over 4x the national average, even higher in sex workers. 19% experienced homelessness, 7.5% national average Race multiplies the effect of discrimination. Example: Unemployment rates among transfolk: White 11% Black 28% Native American 24% Latino(a) 10%