Aisling Discoveries

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Aisling Discoveries by Mind Map: Aisling Discoveries

1. Vision and Goal

1.1. Vision

1.1.1. An inclusive community where all children reach their full potential

1.2. Child and Family Services

1.2.1. Autism

1.2.2. Mental Heath

1.3. Serve Children living with Developmental and Mental Health Needs

1.3.1. Enhancing Emotional Capacity

1.3.2. Enhancing Social Well Being

1.3.3. In partnership with Families and Communities

1.4. Values

1.4.1. Excellence, Accountability, and Integrity

1.4.2. Diversity and Inclusion

1.4.3. Leadership and Innovation

1.4.4. Partnership and Collaboration

2. Programs

2.1. Autism Services

2.1.1. The Centre provides a range of services and supports for children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families. - Toronto Autism ABA Services - Toronto Partnership for Autism Services

2.2. Toronto Preschool Speech and Language Services

2.2.1. As part of the Toronto Preschool Speech and Language Services’ new model, the Centre will provide this program in the east service area of the City of Toronto. TPSLS offers the following services to children under the age of 5: assessment; consultation to parents and community-based children’s programs; parent training and information sessions; consultation and training for caregivers and other professionals; group and individual speech therapy; and referral to a wide range of child and family services in the community.

2.3. Babies Best Start

2.3.1. Babies’ Best Start offers parenting information and support for pregnant women and parents with children under six years of age living in the Scarborough community. The program provides trained and experience family home visitors who visit parents in their home or in the community to share information about parenting and community resources

2.4. Trauma Treatment Services

2.4.1. The Centre provides specialized assessment and treatment for children who have experienced trauma due to physical or sexual abuse or a critical incident resulting in loss and grief.

2.5. Brief Counciling Services

2.5.1. Families who call for counselling services have access to up to three sessions of Brief Counselling. Families requiring further service may be transferred to ongoing Family Counselling with the same therapist or referred to another appropriate service.

3. Programs

3.1. Family Counciling and Therapy

3.1.1. The Centre provides a flexible, responsive counselling service for children from 4 to 12 years of age and their families to address specific treatment and service needs.

3.2. Parent Coaching

3.2.1. The goals are to assist parents to create structure and routines at home, as well as to provide effective behaviour management strategies and techniques.

3.3. Group Services

3.3.1. The Centre offers a number of goal-focused counselling and early intervention groups designed to meet a range of needs for parents and children. In addition to the specific group’s goals, children’s groups aim to improve children’s understanding of themselves and others, and improve their social interaction skills in a group setting.

3.4. Partners for Sucess

3.4.1. Partners for Success is a collaborative program where the Centre works with the Toronto District School Board and Toronto Catholic District School Board to offer mental health services that meet specific needs identified by local schools.

3.5. Priority Access

3.5.1. Priority Access is a family-based treatment intervention for families with a parent or guardian who has physically abused his or her child(ren). The program is offered to clients that are currently involved with a child welfare agency and living within the City of Toronto. Referrals are made directly by the Child Welfare Worker involved.

3.6. Growing Healthy Together Prenatal Program

3.6.1. This program offers prenatal education, nutrition information, healthy snacks, one-to-one health and nutrition counselling, and peer support to pregnant women experiencing a variety of risk factors linked to low birth weight, including low income, newcomer status and poor nutrition.

4. Equality, Inclusion and Awarness of Cultural Diversity

4.1. Service Philosophy

4.1.1. Families want what is best for their child(ren)

4.1.2. Families, children, and staff have unique perspective to contribute

4.1.3. Respect and seek to understand the impact of diversity; in all of it's forms

4.1.4. Believe that all individuals have strengths and competencies to use and develop

4.1.5. Treatment interventions and services should be informed by evidence based practices

4.2. Accessability

4.2.1. Wheelchair and stroller access

4.2.2. Service animals

4.2.3. Interpreters Language Sign Language

4.2.4. Service Disruptions

4.2.5. TTY sevices

5. Programs

5.1. Childcare Consultation

5.1.1. The Child Care Consultation Program serves children, their families, child care professionals and home care providers in Scarborough by promoting the optimal role of child care professionals in the identification and management of children with special needs. This program is funded by the City of Toronto Children’s Services Division under its “Every Child Belongs” program. Our agency provides service to a designated group of child care centres. In addition, the Centre manages an Intensive Resource Support program which provides direct service to identified children in child care centres throughout Scarborough.

5.2. Residential Treatment

5.2.1. Aisling House is a seven bed, staff-operated treatment program for children between the ages of 6 and 12 who require out-of-home assessment and treatment for a variety of psychosocial difficulties.

5.3. Community Support

5.3.1. The Community Support program works in partnership with other service providers to develop and deliver flexible mental health services that are responsive to unmet and emerging needs of children from birth to age 12 and their families. Ontario Early Years, Shelter Services, School Services, Community Agencies

5.4. Student Support Services

5.4.1. Students identified by school board social work staff as requiring mental health services are referred to this program for counselling and therapy.

5.5. Day Treatment

5.5.1. Day Treatment services are provided in collaboration with the Toronto District School Board and the Toronto Catholic District School Board. The Day Treatment program provides individualized treatment and an educational alternative for children whose social, emotional and behavioural needs require a therapeutic setting and whose academic needs cannot be met within an adjustment or behavioural classroom at the local school board.

6. Programs

6.1. Individual Counciling with Children

6.1.1. The Individual Counselling program is a goal-focused, individual treatment modality provided on a regular, predictable basis for children primarily between the ages of 6-12 who have experienced severe trauma, exhibit significant feelings of distress or who would benefit from verbal and non-verbal, activity-oriented and structured approaches to address specific symptoms.

6.2. Infant Child Treatment

6.2.1. The Infant Child Treatment program offers a variety of family-focused, multidisciplinary mental health assessment and treatment services that are inclusive and accessible to all families living in the community of Scarborough.

6.3. Intensive Child and Family Services

6.3.1. The Centre provides a short term, intensive in-home treatment service to children and their families. The program goals are to: strengthen the ability of the children to function effectively in their home, school or community; prevent home or school placement breakdowns; and to strengthen parents’ ability to provide effective parenting, through the use of flexible mental health services and support to home and school placements. If children are admitted to Residence and/or Day Treatment, ICFS is provided to transition the children back home and/or to the regular school system.