Search Experience

In this experience, you will search an object thanks to a servomotor and an ultrasonic sensor.

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Search Experience by Mind Map: Search Experience

1. Exploded views

2. How to add intelligence with Arduino?

2.1. ARDUINO Basics

2.1.1. 0.What is Arduino?

2.1.2. 1.Connect Arduino Uno

2.2. About algorithmen

2.3. Add intellegence

2.4. How to decide

2.4.1. if Structure

2.4.2. if-elseStructure

2.5. How to repeat

2.5.1. while-structure

2.5.2. do-while structure

3. Connection Map

4. how to control a small DC Servo motor

4.1. Connect and programm a servomotor with Arduino

5. How to design a folded part?

5.1. 1.Link to 3DExperience

5.2. 2.3DExperience-How to start

5.3. 3.3DExperience-How to design a folded part


7. Action

8. Perception

9. Intelligence

10. Design

11. Build

12. How to realize a folded part with a laser cut

12.1. How to prepare folded part for laser cutting

12.2. 2.How to use the laser cut

13. Arduino

13.1. 0.What is Arduino

13.2. 1.Connect Arduino Uno

14. Survey

15. How to assemble real parts and components?

15.1. 3DXML 3D view

15.2. PDF 3D view

15.3. Assembly view

16. How to detect an obstacle?

16.1. Detect an obstacle with US Sensor

16.2. US Sensor Data sheet

16.3. Example Programm for Ultrasonic

17. Erasmus+