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Search Experience by Mind Map: Search Experience
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Search Experience

In this experience, you will search an object thanks to a servomotor and an ultrasonic sensor.(Open the Attachment "read your task)

How to add intelligence with Arduino?


About algorithmen

Add intellegence

How to decide

How to repeat

Connection Map

how to control a small DC Servo motor

Connect and programm a servomotor with Arduino

How to design a folded part?

1.Link to 3DExperience

2.3DExperience-How to start

3.3DExperience-How to design a folded part



Action systems and controlling them


Perception and communication systems


Intelligence and programming


Mechanical design of parts and assemblies.


Realizing, prototyping, building parts and assemblies

How to realize a folded part with a laser cut

How to prepare folded part for laser cutting

2.How to use the laser cut


0.What is Arduino

1.Connect Arduino Uno


Please answer this survey when your experience is over.

How to assemble real parts and components?

3DXML 3D view

PDF 3D view

Assembly view

Exploded views

How to detect an obstacle?

Detect an obstacle with US Sensor

US Sensor Data sheet

Example Programm for Ultrasonic