Motivating Students to Learn and Succeed

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Motivating Students to Learn and Succeed by Mind Map: Motivating Students to Learn and Succeed

1. How to Motivate?

1.1. Teach students they can improve and acquire new skills overtime.

1.2. Do not keep lower achieving/unmotivated students away from their high achieving peers.

1.3. Teach self-regulation techniques to students who are off task.

1.4. Give task-specific praise

1.5. Give opportunities to collaborate with peers and make their own choices.

2. Promoting GRIT

2.1. Teach students to perservere

2.2. Teach students there is always a new challenge

2.3. Failure IS NOT a permanent condition

2.4. Show students how the brain is constantly changing and growing.

2.5. GRIT is often unrelated to talent

2.6. "Growth Mindset" means the ability to learn is not fixed.

3. Characteristics of Motivation

3.1. Intrinsic

3.1.1. Personal/internal reasons

3.1.2. Encourage this type of Motivation!!

3.1.3. Life-long learners

3.2. Extrinsic

3.2.1. Rewards Good grades/Money/prize

3.3. Social

3.4. Academic

4. Engaging Students

4.1. Even if students are motivated, if they are not engaged in a lesson

4.2. What interests students?

4.3. Excite students about topic

4.4. Interactive "whole brain" activities

4.5. Student-centered classroom

4.5.1. Students lead the lesson-teacher is guiding

4.6. Create high but realistic expectations for students