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Poetry Breakdown by Mind Map: Poetry Breakdown

1. Differentiation

1.1. Identify Poetic Elements

1.1.1. Rhyming Words (Yellow)

1.1.2. Personification (Green)

1.1.3. Imagery (Blue)

1.2. Vocabulary Highlighting key words

1.2.1. Writing kid-friendly definitions

1.2.2. Add images connected to the definition

1.3. Identify and prove your thinking about the theme of the poem.

1.3.1. Life Lesson (Record yourself in Explain Everything)

1.3.2. 2 details that show you the life lesson (circle them in Explain Everyting)

1.3.3. What tells you this is a poem?

1.3.4. What is the theme? Support with details.

1.4. Finish with: Read aloud with Sock Puppet

2. debrief & take aways

2.1. messy process

2.1.1. kids are not phased by messiness

2.2. worth it?

2.2.1. engagement factor

2.2.2. they were focused for an hour

2.3. process

2.3.1. start with 1 small group

2.3.2. go through the full process once before trying with whole class

2.4. choose partnerships mindfully

2.5. create protocols for sharing

2.6. visual and touch is important

2.7. looking it up and finding an image will help them remember

2.8. if the images aren't perfect you can revise, but it helps them think about meaning

2.9. have ambassador kids to teach the class

2.10. try doing stations in small groups

2.11. The presentation was reinforcing the skill

2.12. creativity keeps them focused