Water scarcity solutions

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Water scarcity solutions by Mind Map: Water scarcity solutions

1. Education

1.1. By educating those who are not dealing with water scarcity, they can be in a position to help.

1.2. Those who are dealing with water scarcity can get educated on how they can prevent the problem from becoming even worse in the future.

2. Innovative devices

2.1. Solar powered water purifiers

2.2. Leak monitors

2.3. Filter pipes

2.4. Life-Saver bottles

3. Projects

3.1. UNICEF Tap project

3.2. Hippo water(Roller projects)

3.3. The Water Consciousness Challenge

4. Life style changes

4.1. Attaching a low flow shower heads

4.2. Dry bathing

4.2.1. Helps to save 4 litres per person

5. Government's role

5.1. Improving sewage system

5.2. Supporting Clean water initiatives

5.3. Awarness campaigns

6. Effective farming methods

6.1. Drip irrigation

6.2. Sprinkler system

6.3. Centre pivot irrigation