Pomodoro Technique

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Pomodoro Technique by Mind Map: Pomodoro Technique

1. Context

1.1. time aspects

1.1.1. becoming generates anxiety properties elusive indefinite infinite «If we try to measure ourselves against the passage of time, we feel inadequate, oppressed, enslaved, defeated, more and more with every second that goes by»

1.1.2. succession of events is less anxiety-ridden «A concrete aspect of temporal order: we wake up, we take a shower, we have breakfast, we study, we have lunch, we have a nap, we play, we eat, and we go to bed» «At times it may even represent the regular succession of activity, a calm-inducing rhythm»

1.2. goals

1.2.1. alleviate anxiety

1.2.2. improve concentration cut on interruptions

1.2.3. bolster determination on goals dealing with complex problems

1.2.4. improve awareness of decisions

1.2.5. improve a process of estimation quality quantity

1.2.6. boost motivation keep it constant

1.2.7. improve process work study

1.3. basic assumptions

1.3.1. different way of seeing time alleviates anxiety enhanced personal effectiveness

1.3.2. better use of mind clarity of thought higher consciousness sharper focus facilitate learning

1.3.3. unobtrusive tools reduce complexity of applying the technique favor continuity allow to concentrate on the task at hand

2. Stages

2.1. planning

2.1.1. start of the day

2.1.2. decide on day's activity

2.2. tracking

2.2.1. throughout the day

2.2.2. gather data on effort expended

2.3. recording

2.3.1. end of the day

2.3.2. compile an archive of daily observation

2.4. processing

2.4.1. end of the day

2.4.2. transform raw data into information

2.5. visualising

2.5.1. end of the day

2.5.2. present information facilitate understanding clarify paths to improvement

3. Tools

3.1. kitchen timer

3.2. sheets

3.2.1. To Do Today heading place date author list of tasks to do during the day in order of priority Unplanned & Urgent Activities unexpected tasks

3.2.2. Activity Inventory heading author's name number of lines activities are noted down as they come up

3.2.3. Records set of raw data for fields updated daily end of the day

4. Objectives