Curtis' Food Influences

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Curtis' Food Influences by Mind Map: Curtis' Food Influences

1. Psychological Influences

1.1. Def: How your emotions and mental, physical well being influence the food you eat.

1.1.1. Example: When your family has creative great foods. You want to feel your apart by having that sense of security and enjoying the food your family influences. Personal Example: Since I'm a pretty skinny guy, my emotions ussaly lead me to having bigger servings. My physical appearance influences what I eat.

2. Cultural Influences

2.1. Def: The food choices our ancestors passed down that have influenced the popular food choices.

2.1.1. Example: Culture affects our cultural choices is when your family is from a different country now living in another area. Likely the food influence you is where you are living at that certain time. Personal Experience: I played at Marconi for 5 years of soccer. The culture there is Italian. After every home game we got Italian pizza made inside which was very good.

3. Social Influences

3.1. Def: How other people influence what you choose to eat.

3.1.1. Example: Relationships around us affect our food choices is when we are surronded by people who can only eat certain things. Personal Example: I go out with friends all the time on the weekend. My friends influence me to go and eat fast food. What I choose to eat is mostly what my friends eat.

4. Food Availability

4.1. Def: Amounts of food you can get from a certain type of country during a time is food availability.

4.1.1. Example: The distance a food travels to you from across the country or world. Personal Example: Apples in winter time i get come from Mexico. That apple travels about 3600km for me to buy so I can eat it.

5. Physiological Influences

5.1. Def:Your body needs certain nutrtion to survive, physiological influences are how you maintain your physical apparence.

5.1.1. Example: Physiological needs impact our food choices is when you are encouraged to healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables over processed foods such as chips. Fruits and vegetable supply are very good for your body with all the nutrients. Personal Example: My mom is very strict about me brining a fruit in my lunch everyday. She says since i like apples I have to eat one everyday which i do. Fruits have the proper nutrition my body needs.

6. Meal Appeal

6.1. Def: How the foods affects if I eat it or not. Meal appeal is how the food is presented.

6.1.1. Example: How the chef prepares food for the customers. The better the meal appeal the more it attracts people to that restrant for that chef's food. Personal Example: When I was in eating at Earl's in London I ordered a desert. The desert plate had the chocolate and caramel sauce covered in a beautiful design that looked good and tasted good.