Dillon's Food Influences

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Dillon's Food Influences by Mind Map: Dillon's Food Influences

1. Cultural Influences

1.1. The behaviors and products that are common/popular in the environments that we live in or our ancestors came from, affect our food choices.

1.2. Example: The country your family comes from.

1.2.1. Holidays you celebrate

2. Social Influences

2.1. Refers to how your relationships with other people affect your food choices.

2.2. Example: Family or friends

2.2.1. Advertising

3. Physiological Influences

3.1. Refers to how your body needs nutrients to survive.

3.2. Example: Nutrition

3.2.1. Hunger

4. Food Availability

4.1. Refers to the type and amounts of food you can get, and where you get it from.

4.2. Examples: Economy/Money

4.2.1. Local Restaurants

5. Psychological Influences

5.1. Refers to your mental and emotional well being- how your mind influences your food choices.

5.2. Example: Need for belonging.

5.2.1. Emotions: