Giving Presentations

A partir de las frases sugeridas, preparar una presentacion para exponer ante otros grupos del Programa de capacitación. Actividad grupal. Se rotará el orador en las distintas exposiciones de la presentación

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Giving Presentations by Mind Map: Giving Presentations

1. I'd like to

1.1. begin by ...

1.2. showing you...

1.3. demostrate

1.4. suggest some distinct advantages (of the new model)

1.5. invite you to raise any questions now

1.6. close by saying

2. I should

2.1. point out that

2.2. explain that

2.3. emphaisise that

2.4. remind you that

2.5. add that

3. As

3.1. you can see...

3.2. I will explain

3.3. I have explained

3.4. you know...

3.5. this diagram shows...

4. Let´s

4.1. take a (more detailed) look at

4.2. not forget that...

4.3. move on to...

4.4. look at the latest figures