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Task for the day by Mind Map: Task for the day
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Task for the day


Create a document in excel that monitor Steeve facebook friends

send at the end of the week

Know how many people are connected to steeve in FB every morning, afternoon, and evening

Google Calendar

Put Steeve Class Schedule

Filled every week

Put mail If Steeve is not teaching like holiday

Filled every week

Create a file containing the email address of designer that Steeve like in 99design

Look at to knew the design that Steeve like, can be use to contact people in the future

Prepare a document in excell

compare to the ones on 99 design

send the list to steeve

Article Writing

Read the articles steeve have sent

Same message but own way of expressing the essence of the information

rewrite them one by one

add eventual links to steeve's website in some words

send to steeve for approval


post online if needed

Write description in every design in icondancewear

Research for hip-hop clothing ideas to help you hip and trendy in making description

check the designs to see what kind of description would fit the best

file the urls and ideas for eventual future use

send descriptions to steeve

wait for his comments

Delete the email from the gmail account and only the last week and this week messages will be only remain

filter last weeks mails and send them to the proper address