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Mental Health by Mind Map: Mental Health

1. Mood Disorders

1.1. General Information: Constant changes in a person's mood or behaviour

1.2. Bipolar Disorder : Periods of Highs and Lows

1.2.1. Symptoms: E.g. Distract-able, Impaired Judgement

1.2.2. Treatment: E.g. Anti- Psychotic Drugs, Therapy

1.2.3. Who is Susceptible? Based on Family History, Mainly People in their Early 20's

2. Anxiety Disorder

2.1. Obsessive Compulsory Disorder: Disorder with obsessions and compulsions

2.1.1. Symptoms: Fear of germs, causing harm, excessive double checking

2.1.2. Treatment: Cognitive Therapy, Group OCD Treatment

2.1.3. Who is Susceptible? Women are twice as likely as men and 3-5% of young adults

3. Personality Disorder

3.1. General Information: Patterns in social interactions and mood that cause distress

3.2. Paranoid Personality Disorder: Mistrust of Others

3.2.1. Symptoms: Constantly bears grudges, constantly suspicious of others

3.2.2. Treatment: selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, Therapy

3.2.3. Who is Susceptible? Families with schizophrenia and people with childhood traumas

4. Community Resources

4.1. Canadian Mental Health Association

4.1.1. Phone: 416-977-5580

4.1.2. Address: 180 Dundas St WestSuite 2301 Toronto, ON M5G 1Z8

4.2. Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

4.2.1. Phone: 416- 535- 8501

4.2.2. Address: 33 Russell St Toronto, ON M5S 2S1