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Computer by Mind Map: Computer

1. Hardware

1.1. Physical component

1.2. Take in data

2. Software

2.1. Digital component

2.2. Send the finished information

3. Output devices

3.1. Monitor

3.1.1. Visual display. Helpful device for visual learners. Students will be engaged in learning.

3.1.2. Challenges of having a monitor is space and money. Making sure there is plenty of room in the classroom and plenty of money to set up different technology for student learning.

3.2. The computer shows the user the results of the input

4. Input devices

4.1. Keyboard

4.1.1. Need time to master and good coordination, it can be unsuitable for all learners. Is a helpful device for students who have trouble writing.

4.1.2. Challenge of having a keyboard is finding space in the classroom for keyboard and computer. Also, having students take turns using the computer and keeping them focused on the task can be a challenge.

4.2. The user tells the computer what to do