People & intentions ChangeTheFuture camp 2016 - USE + and - ON YOUR KEYBOARD & DRAG WITH MOUSE T...

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People & intentions ChangeTheFuture camp 2016 - USE + and - ON YOUR KEYBOARD & DRAG WITH MOUSE TO MOVE ABOUT! - UNDO if you break anything : ) by Mind Map: People & intentions  ChangeTheFuture camp 2016 - USE + and - ON YOUR KEYBOARD & DRAG WITH MOUSE TO MOVE ABOUT! - UNDO if you break anything : )

1. Jasmine Semmens

1.1. I'm currently working on some environmental / arts / public engagement projects and enjoy yoga, communal cooking and oudoors activities in my spare time. I'm absolutely stoked to be invited along and happy to chill out (much needed) or inspire / collaberate with each other as well. I also love yoga so you may well find me stretching out on the lawn at some point!

2. Tahra Ahmed

3. Nayaru Lovegood

3.1. My main intention (as per my daily life) is to network with like-minded people and observe ideas and initiatives. I'm on a constant mission of embracing the now, to change the future as it is and I feel I am still very much in a development stage. I've got active projects in mind and passive projects underway, which includes listening and learning from others to build what I have going forwards. This camp will be interesting to me in terms of my involvement with CTF and how I conduct my self in helping to change things to what I perceive as being better.

4. Sanjay Joshi

4.1. my project is about creating a charitable giving platform that will bring impact to life and help users distinguish the excellent giving opportunities from the less good ones. I'm hoping to get some inspiration and make some good contacts.

5. Goodwin Gibbins

5.1. I work on climate change (being not just a scientist, still working on what that means) and effective altruism (with Sam), so I'm excited to discuss those areas in particular with people who care about doing good but aren't already entrenched in the same way of thinking as me! I'm curious to connect/learn about anything anyone else is doing too, especially as it relates to sharing ideas between strangers. In terms of giving back, I'm easy based on what we need. I like big-batch cooking (the thrill!) and might be able to bring my parent's car. Would that be useful? If not, I'll try to get on the same Megabus as Sam, crossing my fingers it's at a good time so we don't need collecting.

6. Luke Flegg 07851054199

6.1. I'd love to do some handstands. Drink some rum. Stay up late listening to trap and deep house. Scribble some stuff on a whiteboard that makes me think I'm going to fix the planet + save the human race from apocalypse. Meet people, share a space, cook & eat together. Practice hosting. Try some games & activities. Dare to sing and share stories. Take part in others' activities, talks, workshops... Bounce ideas, solve problems together. Open my mind, share contacts, knowledge, questions, resources.. Help people with projects. Get help. Have fun. Make friends.

7. Alicia Montplaisir

7.1. What I want from the event is to connect with myself, others, nature and take time to breathe and ground. Share the love and skills, listen and think: me tooooo!! Surf on the excitement of synchronicity and be open to the unknown. I would like to connect with people who know stuff regardless of where/how they learned it as long as they know it well and are passionate about it! I am happy bringing the faery energy with me, cooking, listening, laughing, desire mapping, singing, project planning, breaking into silly dances. ‪#‎moodregulator‬ Anybody bringing music instruments?

8. Sam Hilton

8.1. • I want to find a good relaxing space to work hard on my current project. The project in question is growing a London based Community of people who want to use evidence and reason to guide actions that will improve the world. • I want to meet and build connections to other wonderful people who are spending their time and efforts to try to change the world for the better, to come up with ways we can work together and make plans that will lead to a better future. I look forward to meeting some wonderful and interesting people there.

8.2. - Effective altruism (ie. how to use evidence and reason and rationality to do good and to identify and achieve your altruistic aims). - Effective philanthropy - Decision making - Personal productivity - Self-improvement / skill acquisition / meta-cognition / reviewing - How to have a high impact career (- Maybe: Achieving your goals) These are all things I've looked into in detail and have taught previously (except the last one on goals). It varies but would leave roughly 30 min per topic taught. If anyone is interested in anything in particular then let me know smile emoticon

9. Tiggery

10. Stone

11. Alex

12. Alex PB

13. Bryn Webb

13.1. The challenge as I see it is how to harness spirit to material change as humans will always disagree on the necessary definitions of what who how why when.. I can offer all kinds of spirit focusing.. Art therapy. Moving massage. Contact improvisation dance. Voice jamming. Philosophy. Magic.. I have at least 25yrs experience in all.. But depressed that what we need is a key.. To engage thousands coherently.. Voting online and buying cooperatively are my inspirations.. But i have done little about this but willing..

14. Ruth Quick

14.1. Im so super happy to have been invited to this, I would love to come and meet people and be inspired and offer help where ever i can.. I want to work on some projects within my business which focuses on health and nutrition and inspiring / guiding others to heal, improve their personal health so that they are full of energy and free to do their best work in the world:) il be coming from bristol and a lift would be awesome if theres one going.. If not sharing a taxi from gloucester station??

15. Adam Bates

15.1. I'm going with an open mind and open ears. Although I've got my own projects bubbling along, I haven't got my own agenda I'd like to thrust around. I'm looking forward to learning from people with new ideas as to how we can collaborate to cure the world's ills. If that helps the refugee crisis specifically then even better. I'm here to bounce ideas off, seek opinions from and to exchange positive energy.

16. Matt Wilson

16.1. pretty loose and vague - to make connections with people, to explore my ideas for my various projects - Right about now/the bottle room/mais/green hands/coachwerks...

17. Alex Procter

17.1. HELLO! I'm Alex, massively excited to be coming to this, I am in need of space to do the planning, thinking and mulling over of a number of creative/social change/creative activism and interventions and projects I'm hoping to start this year. Just can't get that space in Brighton due to all the projects I'm already involved in!! Am hoping to meet new people to share ideas with and hopefully find some new collaborations.

18. Luke Stanley

18.1. I’m excited about the potential for humans to cooperate better, like finding shared needs more automatically, so humans can realise common good and find smart solutions. Because there is so much more commonality than is currently expressed. I have projects with loose goals and interests but will come with an open mind and without rigid agenda or ego. I’m a software engineering and have a bit of startup background. In an era of e-petitions, am interested in voting technology like liquid democracy and data mining to rapidly find vote preferences, data portability to share one's preferences amongst different services as desired. Also interested in digital rights like freedom of expression, thought and communication without chilling effects as necessities for a digitally literate online collaboration. I want resources like Wikipedia, Khan Academy and documentaries to be available everywhere. I’m interested in creating iconic knowledge environments with wiki methods for sharing knowledge far, wide and deep, as a sort of read and writeable Youtube of important human inspiration, experiences, questions and knowledge. I have developed a web app for facilitating simultaneous group Visual Language mapping (such as collaboratively brainstorming ideas in the renewable energy), and showing them visually with minimal fuss to engage an audience and help them understand the range of decisions available to them. It can do things like collaborative ‘photoshopping’ and multiplayer puppeteering.

19. Mia Yu

19.1. I’m looking forward to insights on how to motivate people to care more about life and less about material desires. Now I am working on master dissertation for why people would give up easy pay checks for more community oriented social entrepreneurship. I’m also excited about how innovation and sustainability could help establish a global ecosystem for social enterprises. Besides, after master, interested at how social enterprise could help with sustainable living and education, especially access for remote and impoverished areas. Had long time project management experience.

20. Ross Monoghan

20.1. To break away and focus on projects and share skills and ideas to help us all progress forward

21. Sara Gray

22. Sol Kelly

22.1. Have known Luke since Devon days, where we made a few films together. Very much inspired by ChangeTheFuture, especially within ideas of education reform; I am currently making Documentaries and am hoping to be able to focus on some research for a project that looks at young people/children's views of the adult world. What are they presented with by default? How do Adults facilitate in guiding children towards adulthood? And how do children react to this? Some very big questions with broad answers, so Im sure you all have something interesting to contribute. I'm really excited about being in some gorgeous surroundings, relaxing, conversing and working, and helping.

23. Liz Purple

23.1. to learn, be inspired, increase confidence and direction. Get some feedback and encouragement about my project which is still in the conceptual stage. Have lots of fun! Transport - will drive from Brighton and can liftshare if anyone would like.

24. Peter Anderson

24.1. Intentions - to connect with new people, see what the heck everyone else is up to.. connect with old friends, make some new ones, listen, learn, share ideas on how to implement collaborative projects that will help shape a better world.