Podcast Concept

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Podcast Concept by Mind Map: Podcast Concept

1. Name Ideas

1.1. Parking Lot Hubris

1.2. Weekend Visitor

2. Goals

2.1. To talk to people who want to discuss the same things I/we want to talk about

2.1.1. To increase business

2.1.2. To increase my/our authority

3. Podcasts Lessons

3.1. James Listen to these

3.1.1. ?

3.2. Wisdom

3.2.1. Don't be so many ad's that people are turned off Referencing current episodes of "You are not so smart"

4. Needs

4.1. Place and or Equipment to Work

4.1.1. SCAT?

4.1.2. Buy Microphones?

5. Subject Matter

5.1. Projects

5.2. Problems

5.3. Business

5.4. Interpersonal Issues in Professional Spaces