Cyber Terrorism & Security In A Modern Age

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Cyber Terrorism & Security In A Modern Age by Mind Map: Cyber Terrorism & Security In A Modern Age

1. In Conclusion to this discussion, after observing the situation about the topics, Security and cyber terrorism impact each other because security is not provided everywhere. The information being provided to social media gives an advantage to thief to steal all the information and hack into victim’s information. On the other side cyber terrorism deals with revenge and bring fear in the society. Therefore, both topics must be conspicuous to the society in order to decrease the chances of such acts to occur in the community.

2. The topics are somewhat apposed to each other, because one topic is security which talks about the internet, and the social media, university exams, or promotion companies using addresses and phone numbers which gives an opportunity to the thief to act towards it and gather the information. For example, email address, house address, name, date of birth etc. It also describes in the infographic that “8.1 million people fall victim to identity theft every year”(Atlantic Training, 2012). Although, on the other side Cyberterrorism is about terror, fear, and it does not usually interfere in an individual’s life for financial purposes. It has specific meaning to it which is fear or revenge against a party, organization or country. As it also describes in the article, “they differed in some ways from modern terrorists, especially in that they would sometimes call off attacks that might endanger individuals other than their intended target” (Terrorism Research, n.d). However, both of the topics have different message that is being sent to the society but their procedure of breaking through is the same which is by hacking.

3. How do the topics oppose each other? If they do not oppose, explain why not?

4. Conclusion – Restate the topics and how they impact each other on a big picture

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6. References

7. Introduction – Explain the importance of the topics and how they impact our world. Why did you pick them?

8. Security in a modern age: The security in a modern age is one of the very effecting topic that is considered important in our life. Security is needed everywhere, unfortunately the information that is being uploaded in the internet whether it is on Facebook or the safest website to visit. The information is leaked to different organizations or places in order to be used for the promotion purposes, etc. When mentioning statistically, an online infographic explains the issues that were considered very important to be noticed. “In the united States, 40% of Android users are likely to click an unsafe link” (Atlantic Training, 2012). In reality, almost every person has an iPhone, with a mistake websites are opened that are unsafe and not trusted. People are not much worried even when such apps are opened on the background of the cellphone. From personal experience, such websites can hack the phone within minutes and steal all of the data that it has, which also includes bank account numbers and password. Such insecurity impacts our society because when something used to get stolen it was always apparels, cellphones, or automobiles. As apposed in such modern age individual’s history of their life on a cellphone can easily be hacked and stolen. The reason of choosing this topic is because, it is important for the society to be very cautious and aware of such thefts that are taking place which may harm an individual or cause very serious difficulties for them.

9. Cyberterrorism: Terrorism is known be a very effective word that puts society in difficult situation once such horrible incidents take place in reality. Unfortunately, the concept of it is not new to to our society, it has been here from centuries and countries have used it against each other for fear and revenge. Cyberterrorism is fear, violence, and revenge which brings the society to be afraid and harmed. As it states in the article by Denning, “the convergence of terrorism and cyberspace. It is generally understood to mean unlawful attacks and threats of attack against computers, networks, and the information stored therein when done to intimidate or coerce a government or its people in furtherance of political or social objectives. Further, to qualify as cyber terrorism, an attack should result in violence against persons or property, or at least cause enough harm to generate fear” (Denning, 2000). If such matter takes place in the area Cyber Terror impacts our society because they get effected from fear, and hate for another country. However, Cyber Terror has enabled the technology to fear the community through internet by posting videos, threatening online or misuse technology to create terrorist attack plans.

10. Explain how the topics relate to each other.

11. Believing that both of the topics are completely different from each other when explained. Although, they do have a similarity between them, because Security in modern ages talks about how it is not safe to use online websites or provide information to social media for example, giving addresses or phone number. When relating the same thing to cyberterrorism, when they try to target or try to get access in order to keep themselves hidden. Such individuals use social media to gather information and hack in to banking, financial services, or government websites as it states in the researched article “It is generally understood to mean unlawful attacks and threats of attack against computers, networks and the information stored therein when done to intimidate or coerce a government or its people in furtherance of political or social objectives” (Yunos & Syahrul, n.d). However, both articles relate to each other because the articles argue and explain that security must be strict and any type of data should be private in order to be protected from hacking or to be stolen.

12. Explain how the concepts complement each other, if they do not complement each other, explain why not?

13. Both of the topics concepts complement each other, cyber terrorism is done by hacking and breaking through security in order to send a violent message to fear the society from the terror attacks or break into any confidential government website to gather information as it also states in the news, “In 2009, suspicion fell on China when hackers broke into the computers of US defence firm Lockheed Martin and took large amounts of data relating to the Joint Strike Fighter, the most advanced warplane in the world (BBC NEWS, 2013). Countries commit such cyber terror attacks to gain confidential information, it fears the society because if countries begin to acknowledge warplanes each country is planning, it might bring. As comparing to Security, thief who steal from banks or financial services or steal from different organization by using ways to hack and keep themselves anonymous in order to get the money online. For instance, it explains in the infographic, “A study from stand ford University found supposedly anonymous data collected on personal web browsers were gathered and then sold” (Atlantic Training, 2012). It fears the society from having their money in bank accounts or investing their money in to places, which can be hacked if the hacker has enough information about the victim.