Q4. Who is the audience for my media product?

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Q4. Who is the audience for my media product? by Mind Map: Q4. Who is the audience for my media product?

1. Definitions

1.1. Demographics define audiences largely by the work they do. It breaks down the population into six groups, and labels them using a letter code to describe the income and status of the members of each group.

1.2. Psychographics- This is a method oif defining audiences by analysing their behavior and personality traits of its members. Psychographics labels a particular type of person and makes and assessment about their viewing and spending habits.

1.2.1. Schedule

1.2.2. Budget

2. Psychographics

2.1. Our film opening would appeal to the psychographics Explorers and Mainstreamers. It would appeal to Explorers because these groups of people like individualism and to explore new and creative things, which is presented in our story-line (our killer student being different and out of the norm compared to the other students), and also through our creative and sinister art display within the start of our horror film opening. This may then lead to them watching our opening and wanting to explore the story-line further. Our opening would additionally appeal to mainstreamers as this film would be new, exciting, and would be what everyone would want to be watching. This is appeal to mainstreamers because these groups of people mainly like to be interested in what everyone else is interested in (the latest news, trends, etc.) This further links to the uses and gratifications of social interaction would increase the popularity of the film.

3. Demographics

3.1. The target audience who would most likely appeal to our media product would be from demographics B, D and E. Our film opening would be appealing to the demographic B because this group consists of creative types of individuals who may tend to enjoy the mystery factor within this film opening (i.e. who the masked killer is and the reason why they are killing their classmates) and they may also feel intrigued to work it out themselves before it is revealed to them. They may further enjoy the creative depiction of the story-line of the film (an art student creating portraits/paintings of her killings) and also the horrific displays of artwork within the very beginning of the opening. Furthermore our film opening would appeal to demographic D (a group mainly consisting of men) and E (a group consisting of students and lower grade workers) because of the elements of violence and gore that is displayed within certain scenes, which would stereotypically appeal to male audiences as in most cases they are typically associated to enjoy watching violence and fighting.

3.2. Gender and Age- I find that our film would appeal to both males and females. It would appeal to females because our opening is immediately shown to be a high-school based film, with characters who are highlighted to be rude, mean and "bitchy" females, which is stereotypically appealing for females to watch as they are typically associated to like watching drama shows on television. So females may stereotypically find this aspect of the film interesting and would want to see more. Contrastingly for males the attacking, violence and bloodshed within this film may be what they film interesting in this film because male audiences would stereotypical find fighting, killing and aggression interesting to watch. The age group our opening would appeal to would be 15-25 year olds as it is set within a high school with a young teenage cast, so this would appeal to teenagers and the younger generation of adults, because of the similarities in age groups, which may make them more interested in the film.

3.2.1. Included

3.2.2. Included

3.2.3. Excluded