Volunteer Campaign

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Volunteer Campaign by Mind Map: Volunteer Campaign

1. Volunteer Cards

1.1. Launch

1.1.1. Where Assembly

1.1.2. When 1st Assembly Term 2

1.1.3. Advertise FB Newsletter Posters

1.2. Prizes

1.2.1. Who is organising

1.2.2. Who is responsible for prize draw

1.2.3. How often to draw prize Term Semester Yearly

2. Ask a friend

2.1. Ask 5 people

2.1.1. Why they volunteer Socialise Community spirit Children Education

2.1.2. Why they DON'T volunteer Don't know anyone Create social event Time poor Lack of knowledge Unaware they are needed

2.2. Report findings at next meeting

3. Events to recruit

3.1. Assemblies

3.2. Open Night

3.3. Enrolment Days

3.4. Sports Carnival Days

3.5. Christmas Fair

3.6. School Volunteer Thank you morning

4. Advertising

4.1. Events

4.1.1. List of duties

4.1.2. List how many people needed

4.2. Facebook

4.3. Newsletter

4.4. Posters

4.5. Short Video

4.5.1. Highlight what we do

4.5.2. Highlight what they can do

4.5.3. What we have achieved so far