Forms of energy

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Forms of energy by Mind Map: Forms of energy

1. Light energy

1.1. Were it comes from?

1.1.1. Sun

1.2. Characteristics

1.2.1. Travels very fast (300000 k/s)

1.2.2. Iluminates objects

1.2.3. Allows us to see colours, shapes and sizes

1.3. Can be

1.3.1. Natural

1.3.2. Artifical

2. Chemical energy

2.1. Charcteristics

2.1.1. Released when a chemical reaction occurs

2.1.2. Car burns petrol-chemical reaction- petrol and oxygen chemical energy is then transformed in kinetic energy

2.2. Examples of sources

2.2.1. Batteries

2.2.2. Food

3. Kinetic energy

3.1. Characteristics

3.1.1. All moving things-> kinetic energy

3.1.2. Is produced through motion or movement

3.2. Examples

3.2.1. A moving car, windsurfer, bikes...

3.2.2. Living things have kinetic energy

4. Thermal energy

4.1. Employee

4.2. Characteristics

4.2.1. Flow to warm subtance to cooler subtance Heat

4.2.2. Change of a substance also change state

4.3. The Sun

4.3.1. Main sourth of heat. to warm and cook

4.4. Fossil fuels

4.4.1. To warm our houses and cook our food Under the ground coal, oil and was

5. Electrical energy

5.1. Are used for

5.1.1. Power machines

5.1.2. We transform it into light, sound, heat and movement

5.2. Energy comes from different sources

5.2.1. Fossil fuels

5.2.2. Sunlight, wind, water, biomass

5.2.3. Nuclear power stations

6. Sound energy

6.1. What is it?

6.1.1. Vibration that can travel in any direction from the source

6.2. Characteristics

6.2.1. Vibrating objects transmit vibrations into the air Until they reach our ear

6.2.2. Large vibrations: loud sounds

6.2.3. Small vibrations: soft sounds

6.2.4. The sound travel quickly, but no as fast as light

6.3. Where sound can travel?

6.3.1. Can travel through gases, liquids and solids, also in objects opaques

6.3.2. Can't travel through a vacuum there are no particles to vibrate