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Rocket clouds by Mind Map:

1. Arguments

1.1. Optional

1.1.1. use_gpu default will be cpu This flag will make the script invoke the solver with gpu acceleration

1.1.2. test_install default will be latest gridgen and solver test This flag tells the script to use the environment variable $LAST_INSTALL for the solver and gridgen used in this TLrun operation.

1.1.3. test_solver default will be to test latest solver This flag allows users to define the solver that they would like to use.

1.1.4. test_gridgen default will be to use latest gridgen This flag allows the gridgen used to be defined

1.1.5. solver_options By default these options are pre-populated. If you use this flag all default options are cleared are replaced with these. Allows user to define the options passed to the solver. Passive string to xo arg on solver.

1.1.6. run_dir Default run location is CWD. Allows user to specify where simulation data should be stored.

1.1.7. nac Default is to check in results to a location specifed in TLrun's configuration directory Allows users to turn off check in

1.1.8. tlrun_dir Allows user to specify the TLrun directory By default TLrun is looked for in C:\cygwin\usr\local\bin on windows and /usr/local/bin on linux

1.1.9. thread_use Default is to use max threads-1 Allows users to define how many threads can be used for the test loops performend

1.1.10. product_version Allows the user to specify which product version will be probed for the latest solver for testing. Default is to use the latest folder

1.2. Required

1.2.1. test_group This specifies what TLrun group should be used

2. TLrun

2.1. Requirements

2.1.1. Target Run Location Must be on local machine Must be on a drive with space

2.1.2. Mandatory TLrun Arguments GPU command Argument: -xo "-gpu -dauto memFrac -cc -ct -ow" CPU Command -xo "-cc -ct -ow" Selected Solver command -x cpfd.x.17.0.3 Selected Gridgen command -g cpfd.g.17.0.3 Solver options -xo no auto check in -nac test group jenkins Target Directory -rundir

2.1.3. Resolves GPU

3. Windows

3.1. Requirements

3.1.1. Cygwin Installed from Barracuda VR & Post Install Applications

3.1.2. Cygwin Server must be running prior to xterm initialization

3.1.3. cmd launched with barracuda environment variables

3.1.4. TLrun + scripts installed

3.1.5. python2.7 or greater

4. Linux

4.1. Requirements

4.1.1. tcl installed

4.1.2. expect installed

4.1.3. python2.7 or greater

4.1.4. TLrun + scripts installed