favorite food

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favorite food by Mind Map: favorite food

1. hot wings

1.1. hot wing sauce

1.2. chicken wing

1.3. how the chicken is good when they put the sauce with it and it taste vary good

2. cheese bugers

2.1. how they put the cheese in the burger

2.2. and they put the but and they fried the patty

2.3. and they make the buns soft and they put what you want and it taste vary good

3. chicken sandwich

3.1. how they make the sandwich really good and taste

3.2. and they fried the chicken paddy so it can give you the good taste and the chicken is healthy for you

3.3. and the bun is vary soft but not that much healthy

4. chicken fries

4.1. chicken is healthy for you

4.2. but the oily they put in the chicken is not cause it cam give you a Ollie face and can give you more weight

4.3. and the chicken is healthy and vary good every body loves chicken so chicken is vary good

5. sandwich

5.1. the turkey is a little healthy and vary good for you and vary tasty

5.2. and every body loves it with cheese so i mean they said its a little healthy so it is

5.3. and people love every thing about it and its healthy so every loves it even me