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Kecha Wacha by Mind Map: Kecha Wacha

1. Talons

1.1. Sharp and hooked, perfect for attack and mobility.

1.2. Hidden talon in tail to allow for claw attacks while hanging from tail.

2. Tail

2.1. Has a gland that emits a sinewy substance that helps grasp vines with tail.

2.2. Cannot be severed, only broken.

3. Body

3.1. Covered in soft pelt that provides decent warmth. Causes weakness to fire.

3.2. Can spit mucus globs that cause waterblight.

3.3. Has gliding flaps that aid the beast in evasive measures

4. Ears

4.1. Very sensitive to sound, when exposed. Will fall off vines with loud noises.

4.2. Ears shield face when enraged, giving immunity to flash and sonic bombs.

5. Attacks

5.1. Claws are big source of melee attacks. Uses flaps to execute glide attacks.

5.2. Mucus spit slows down opponents. Can jump and spit at the same time.

5.3. Roar when enraged, requires Earplugs to block.

6. Battle Stategies

6.1. Yian Kut-Ku have fire element weapons that deal fire damage and work well to kill Kechas

6.2. Bring Nulberries to cure waterblight or armor with water resistance