Refugee Issues

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Refugee Issues by Mind Map: Refugee Issues

1. Raise awareness on the work done by UNHCR

1.1. How do we raise awareness? (What form; visual/written/physical)

1.1.1. In what way do we raise awareness? (What is the story objective?)

2. Volunteerism work in the context of refugee

2.1. Breaking the misconception local citizens have on refugees.

2.1.1. What are the kinds of the volunteer work us Malaysians can do in order to help refugees? (Financial, educational, food, shelter, clothes, health)

3. Raise awareness on the refugee issues in Malaysia

3.1. Show the lives the refugees live. Instil the fact that not all of them are here to steal our jobs and ruin our country.

3.1.1. Show the plights of the refugees and the plight of their countries.

4. Removing negative sentiments toward refugees

4.1. Showing Malaysian refugees living in foreign land. This would change their outlook on refugees as they see their own people having to go through the same issues as refugees.