Jihad Jane

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Jihad Jane by Mind Map: Jihad Jane

1. Converted to Islam between 2004-2009

1.1. 2007 - calling herself "Fatima LaRose," registers with Dailymotion.com and posted apparent attacks on US troops in Iraq.

1.1.1. 20Jun08 - LaRose posted comment on YouTube under screen name "Jihad Jane" saying that she was "desperate to do something somehow to help" suffering Muslims December 2008 - La Rose got into pattern of exchanging emails expressing her desire to become a martyr in the name of Allah for an Islamist cause 22Mar2009- a co-cionspirator of LaRose identifies Lars Vilks, a Swedish artist who made a drawing depicting the Prophet Muhammad's head on a dog's body, as a target and directs her to go to Sweden, find, and kill him. She responds by saying she will "achieve it or die trying."

1.2. Her brother and her father die in short order; LaRose attempts suicide 21May 2005 by consuming 8-10 cyclobenzaprine pills with alcohol