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Macromolecules by Mind Map: Macromolecules

1. Carbohydrates

1.1. Monosaccharide

1.2. Polysaccharide

1.2.1. Molecules made up of long strains of monomers.

1.3. Starch/Sugar

1.3.1. Produced by plants as energy storage.

2. Proteins

2.1. The monomer of a protein is an Amino Acids

2.2. /

2.2.1. Proteins all have their own special function that builds things together from one single cell

2.3. The Polymer of a protein is a Polypeptide

2.4. Proteins give the cell energy,pump out waste, and build support structures.

2.5. Lipids

2.5.1. Uses fatty acids as monomers

2.5.2. Fatty acid monomers turn into triglyceride polymer

2.5.3. Used for insulation

3. Nucleic Acids

3.1. polymer is a DNA/RNA strand

3.2. Monomer: Nucleotide

3.3. Molecules that contain and help express cell's genetic code