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1.1. Twitter: with this social network I can reed what other people share or reflect on their twitter acount. I can know what is happening in the world rightnow and reed things from different people from different countries.

1.2. Facebook: I use Facebook for reading, like Twitter. Here I read what my friends write or share in order to know how they feel, what they have done, what they think about a topic, etc.

1.3. Wikipedia: I use this web 2.0 in order to look for more information about a topic when I think that is not enough with the information that I already have.

1.4. Whatsapp: I use this app to read the conversations that I have with my friends. I use it most time of the day, so it is essential for me.

1.5. Blogs: whenever I can, I like to read some blogs related to my subjects, specially those related with ICT to increase my knowledge in that field and to discover new things. I also like to read my partners' blogs in order to find things that we could improve in ours. I also like reading fashion blogs.

1.6. Documents: I read the documents that my teachers say in order to increase my knowledge of a specific issue.

1.7. Slideshare and Power Point: thanks to this tools I can read new information or go deeper in one topoc

1.8. Hotmail

1.9. Google,


2.1. Twitter: Thanks to Twitter I can reflect about my life and about what I think, but only in 140 letters

2.2. Facebook: here I can express myself, I can reflect about what happens to me on my daily life or reflect about an special event

2.3. Blog: thanks to the role of "analyst" every week I had the opportunity to reflect about what we had done in the subject called SO&ER: how we felt, how we organised ourselves, what we learned, etc.

2.4. Firends and family: I can reflect with them what I have learned, how I feel, my personal experiences

2.5. Whatsapp


3.1. Whatsapp: thanks to it, I can share with the people that I want my feelings, my thoughts, my photos or videos.

3.2. Instagram: here I can share my photos and videos with the people that follow me.

3.3. Facebook: in this social network I share my photos, videos and how I feel with my friends.

3.4. Twitter: here I can share my thoughts like in Facebook and whatsapp

3.5. Google Drive, Mega

3.6. Youtube

3.7. Power Point

3.8. Family and friends:

3.9. Hotmail

3.10. Snapchat

3.11. Blogspot