Emerging Technology at the James E Rogers College of Law

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Emerging Technology at the James E Rogers College of Law by Mind Map: Emerging Technology at the James E Rogers College of Law

1. Distance Education

1.1. Technologies

1.1.1. Video Telepresence

1.1.2. Learning Spaces

1.1.3. Gamification

1.1.4. Production Spaces Video Audio Virtual

1.1.5. LMS

1.1.6. Social Media

1.1.7. Blended Learning

1.1.8. Measuring Learning/Assessment

1.2. New Markets

1.2.1. J.D. students: ABA Standard 306 (eventually?)

1.2.2. B.A. in Law undergraduate degree

1.2.3. Masters in Legal Studies

1.2.4. Post-graduate degrees LL.M. & S.J.D.

1.2.5. International markets China Latin America Vietnam India

2. Experiential Learning

2.1. Digital Competence & Literacy

2.1.1. Full time & Adjunct Faculty

2.1.2. Students

2.1.3. Staff

2.2. Information Security Best Practices & Requirements

2.2.1. Bar & State Law Standards/Requirements

2.2.2. ABA Rule 1.6: Confidentiality of Information

2.2.3. Encryption

2.3. Tech Tools for Practice

2.3.1. Digital Case Management: Clio Calendaring Secure Data Storage & File Management Billing Client Communication

2.3.2. Artificial Intelligence ROSS

2.3.3. Digital Story Telling VoiceThread Adobe Slate Interactive Timelines (eg. TimeStream) Animoto: Video

2.3.4. BYOD

2.4. Personalized Learning

2.4.1. UA Law Clinics

2.4.2. Moot Court

2.4.3. Customized Learning Spaces

3. Other Emerging Technology at UA Law

3.1. Measuring Learning

3.1.1. ABA formative and sumative assessment requirements

3.1.2. ExamSoft Rubrics Assessment Tool

3.2. The Flipped Classroom

3.3. Interactive Collaboration Tools

3.3.1. Social Learning Edmodo MindMeister Ning WikiSpaces Basecamp

4. Start Here: James E Rogers College of Law Emerging Technology Background