How Can We Increase Access to Healthier Foods in Food Deserts?

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How Can We Increase Access to Healthier Foods in Food Deserts? by Mind Map: How Can We Increase Access to Healthier Foods in Food Deserts?

1. Input

1.1. Research findings

1.2. Cash distributions (public, private, other)

1.3. Federal contributions

1.4. Build Partnerships (nutrition, education, organization network)

1.5. Land (Lots public & private)

1.6. Resources for social marketing

1.7. Educational resources

1.8. Community meetings

1.9. Volunteers

1.10. Community development (time, staff, $$)

2. Activities

2.1. conference with community and organization

2.2. Educational events (Schools, community, churches)

2.3. Nutritional education (market, grocery stores, corner/convenience store)

2.4. Creating Awareness e.g. gardening, healthy foods

2.5. Social marketing e.g. advertising, informational pamphlets, media

2.6. Planning, developing and implementing

3. Output

3.1. Growers

3.2. Farmers

3.3. Distributors

3.4. Retailers

3.5. Labor

4. Short-Term Outcomes

4.1. People learn about the cost of food

4.2. People learn where their food comes from

4.3. People become more curious about healthy foods

4.4. Awareness of the need for healthy food

4.5. Growers, farmers and stores become more aware of the need

4.6. Community and organization gain awareness and or interest

4.7. Intermediate Outcomes

4.7.1. Population applies skill or changes behavior

4.7.2. Population adopts healthy eating practices

4.7.3. Organization adopts specific objectives and action plans

4.7.4. Organizations work toward policy changes

4.8. Long-Term Outcomes

4.8.1. Greater demand for healthier foods

4.8.2. Elimination of barriers to build more grocery stores

4.8.3. Elimination/reduction of food deserts

4.8.4. Increased participation in healthy foods

4.8.5. Increased need for farmers markets

4.8.6. Increased quality of foods

4.8.7. Incresed locations for grocery stores

4.8.8. Improvements in nutrition related health conditions

4.8.9. Policies and practices are improved

4.8.10. Nutrient-dense foods are more affordable and readily avialable

5. Impact

5.1. Sustainable healthy food system

5.2. Farmers become profitable

5.3. Stores become profitable

5.4. Increased number of farms/farmers

5.5. increased number of urban gardens