Curriculum development

Plan your projects and define important tasks and actions

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Curriculum development by Mind Map: Curriculum development

1. Outcomes

1.1. Programme exit objectives. E.g. Students should be able to deliver comprehensive healthcare.

2. Teaching and learning strategies

2.1. Classroom lessons

2.2. Role play

2.3. Group discussions and demonstrations

3. Learning theory

3.1. Carefully selects appraises and projected pupil activities in terms of their transfer value to life's situations.

4. Epistemology

4.1. Situational analysis

4.2. E.g. Reseach for content to be taught

5. Content

5.1. Subject and subject discipline. E.g. Anatomy and physiology.

5.1.1. Project specifications

5.1.2. End User requirements

5.1.3. Action points sign-off

6. Learning assessment

6.1. Formative assesment

6.2. Summative assesment

6.3. E.g Examinatios and Test

6.4. Practical examination

7. Society/ Culture

7.1. Cultural differences in society.

7.1.1. Materials

7.1.2. Personel

7.1.3. Services

7.1.4. Duration

7.2. E.g. Nursing in South Africa differs with that of China.

8. Individual

8.1. Each student is a unique individual, different in cognitive and effective domain development and social maturity.

8.1.1. Dependencies

8.1.2. Milestones