Dog Walk

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Dog Walk by Mind Map: Dog Walk

1. Ways to advertise

1.1. Social Media (Facebook, online newspapers, etc.

1.2. Posters

1.3. Announcement on school news station

2. Ideas for fundraising

2.1. Carnival type games

2.2. Dog "kissing" booth

2.3. Cash donation boxes

3. Students

3.1. Students learn how to socialize dogs.

3.2. Students learn how to serve in the community.

3.3. Students learn how to talk to people in the community.

4. Dogs

4.1. Receive exposure for potential adoption.

4.2. They get to learn socialization skills.

4.3. They get some much needed love and attention.

5. Human Society

5.1. Finds good homes for dogs.

5.2. They can promote upcoming events.

5.3. They can accept much needed donations such as dog beds, food, treats, toys, leashes, collars, etc.