Environmental Issues

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Environmental Issues by Mind Map: Environmental Issues

1. air pollution

1.1. A lot of this problem is man made

2. oil dumps

2.1. Just 5 quarts of oil can contaminate up to 363 million gallons of water. Much oil in runoff from land and municipal and industrial wastes ends up in the oceans.

3. nature an animal conservation

3.1. their homes are being torn down for logging and illegal hunting which makes it hard for conservation

4. some animal species and endangered

4.1. Loss of habitat, or dying from pollution

5. Bag Ban

5.1. plastic trash has been polluting the Pacific, with damaging results for ocean wildlife

5.2. Ninety percent of ocean debris, which harms more than 660 marine species, is made up of plastic trash. This plastic kills thousands of birds, marine mammals and sea turtles each year

5.2.1. The sea turtle ingests the bag, which can fill or block the stomach, leaving the turtle to starve and sometimes die.

5.3. there’s so much plastic swirling around that it outweighs plankton 6 to 1.

6. over population

6.1. The number of inhabitants in the planet is arriving at unsustainable levels as it confronts deficiency of assets like water, fuel and food. Overpopulation is one of the most important

7. recycling

7.1. The purpose of recycling is to conserve energy, reduce pollution, help the environment, and overall help slow global warming and reduce waste products in landfills. Habitat destruction and global warming are resulting from deforestation. However, recycling reduces the need for raw materials so that rain forests can remain conserved.

8. ocean trash

8.1. trash is being dumped into the ocean destroying the oceans life

9. drought

9.1. there's less and less water to water the crops which means crops are dying because they aren't getting the water they need to grow