Planning for Learning: Effectiveness of Scaffolding Education: Briana Rowe

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Planning for Learning: Effectiveness of Scaffolding Education: Briana Rowe by Mind Map: Planning for Learning: Effectiveness of Scaffolding Education: Briana Rowe

1. Classify the colonial regions on a map

1.1. Visual Aids

1.1.1. Show the students a map of the colonies and play games to learn all the colony names and locations

1.1.2. Create a chart listing all the colonies in the appropriate regions (North, South, etc.)

1.2. Pre-teach vocabulary

1.2.1. Discuss with students through the use of pictures...what different resources are and the difference between export and import

1.2.2. Then we will place the pictures of the different resources on the chart created early and pair them with each colonial region

1.3. Handouts

1.3.1. The handouts will be blank colonial maps and students will fill in the name of the colonies, divide the map into the appropriate regions, and label the resources for each region

2. Evaluate the daily life of colonial people

2.1. Tap into prior knowledge

2.1.1. I will have the students share what they think has changed between now and colonial times

2.1.2. We will also discuss what they remember from the previous lesson and from the previous years

2.2. Visuals and Relia

2.2.1. I will play videos showing what it was like during the colonial times

2.2.2. I will bring in an old "butter churner" and have the students try and make butter in small groups

2.3. Question Stems

2.3.1. Have the students complete the prompt: "During a typical day as a colonial man/woman, I would have to . . .

2.3.2. The prompt will then be the basis for their visual presentation

3. Analyze the emerging labor forces in colonial times

3.1. Pre-teach vocabulary

3.1.1. Discuss what a labor force is and how it is formed

3.1.2. Present pictures and context for the specific definitions of the jobs that may have been found in the labor forces

3.2. Small Groups

3.2.1. Students will be divided into different groups and each group will be assigned a specific labor force to research and learn about

3.3. Visual Aids

3.3.1. Each group will create charts about their labor force

3.3.2. As a class, we will discuss the charts and add to them if need be. We will also compare each labor force

4. Describe colonial life from three different perspectives

4.1. Tap into prior knowledge

4.1.1. Students will use all the information that we discussed in the prior lesson

4.2. Small groups

4.2.1. Students will be paired into groups of 3 and each one is going to take a different view of colonial life (gender, race, wealth, etc.)

4.3. Pause, Ask Questions, Review

4.3.1. I will ask a student from each group to "give the gist" of their specific perspective of colonial life

4.3.2. I will ask the students to think how gender, race, wealth, etc. play into the different perspectives of colonial life (essay prompt - then discuss in group class discussion)

5. Objective: Distinguish among and explain the reasons for regional differences in colonial America

5.1. 5th Grade Social Studies