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Food by Mind Map: Food

1. enzymes

1.1. Do most digestion.

2. types

2.1. carbohydrates

2.1.1. Provide energy

2.2. proteins

2.2.1. Are the building blocks of cells

2.3. fats

2.3.1. Provide energy, insulation, and protection for some organs e.g.kidneys

2.4. vitamins

2.4.1. There are lots and living things all need them e.g.vitamin A for healthy eyes

2.5. minerals

2.5.1. There are lots e.g. calcium for good bones and teeth.

2.6. water

2.6.1. The body's about 90%water.

3. Digestion

3.1. The breakdown of part food molecules into small ones.

3.2. Enymes do most.

3.3. Happens in the gut (digestive system).

4. Gut

4.1. A long tube mostly made of muscle.

4.2. mouth

4.2.1. Teeth and saliva start the breakdown.

4.3. oesophagus

4.3.1. Takes foof to the stomach.

4.4. stomach

4.4.1. Stores food and does a little digestion.

4.5. small intestine

4.5.1. Most digestion happens here. Digested food also absorbed into the blood here.

4.6. large intestine

4.6.1. Water absorbed from food here.

4.7. rectum

4.7.1. Waste from digestion (faeces) stored here .

4.8. anus

4.8.1. The end of the gut.

5. Tests

5.1. Fats:leave oily mark on paper.

5.2. Sugars:make an orange colour when heated with Benedicts solution.

5.3. Starch:goes blue-black when you add iodine.

5.4. Proteins: Make a violet (purple) colour with copper sulfate and sodium hydroxide.