Library, beliefs and inquiry a review of research

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Library, beliefs and inquiry a review of research by Mind Map: Library, beliefs and inquiry a review of research

1. "School librarians cannot act in a vacuum when they are establishing their programs or evaluating them." (Howard)

2. Redefine library as place of thinking, inquiry etc.

2.1. Todd article on reading to learn

3. School culture needs to change to one founded on:

3.1. Collaborative culture

3.2. Admin

3.3. High expectations for teachers and students

4. Support systems

4.1. Curriculum

4.2. Colleagues

4.3. Admin

4.4. Todd/Kuhlthau Ohio study

5. Recognize that teachers want high level of learning and understanding

5.1. Barriers to implementing into practice

5.1.1. Time

5.1.2. Support from admin, colleagues and curriculum

5.1.3. Tradition... Very important I think Todd article fits here ... Reading to learn

6. Library and tl can be scaffolds for change

7. Focus on evidence

8. Collaboration based on inquiry makes library integral

8.1. As supported in Kuhlthau 1999

8.1.1. "The philosophy of learning is each school directly affected the role that the librarian assumed in the learning process." (p.94)

8.1.2. "Without a committment to constructivist earning tht requires a varitey of resources, te library was considered an extra activity in an already overloaded program. In schools where the library was cnsidered essential rather than just good, a clear commitment to inquiry learning was in place on which to build a collaborative library program integrated with the curriculum" (p. 96)

9. Instructional partner

9.1. Todd article reading to learn

10. focused and sustained energy (look at Henri and Boyd article)

11. Culture of collaboration goes against isolation (Gordon, culture of inquiry)