My Favorite Foods

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My Favorite Foods by Mind Map: My Favorite Foods

1. Gol Gappa

1.1. Recipe:

1.2. One serving contains only 100 calories

1.3. No cholesterol

1.4. One gol gappa has 2 grams of protein

1.5. Very diverse and can be eaten in many ways

1.6. Only eat about three times in two months

1.7. Some weddings, vendors in India, and Indian stores

2. Shahi Paneer

2.1. Recipe:

2.2. Fully Vegetarian

2.3. All Organic

2.4. Contains little protein

2.5. Do not eat too much, one or two times every two months

2.6. Weddings, special occasions, parties

3. Butter Chicken

3.1. Recipe:

3.2. Organic vegetables

3.3. Lots of protein but fatty too

3.4. Eat only about 5 times a year

3.5. Eat at weddings and special events

3.6. Low trans fat