Florian Brody

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Florian Brody by Mind Map: Florian Brody

1. TEDx Vienna

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2. Bridging the Crack

2.1. Attended the 2nd ever TED conference

2.1.1. 1990

2.2. After 20 years, I remember so much

2.2.1. John Scully

2.2.2. John Barlow

2.2.3. Artists

2.2.4. Scientists

2.2.5. Politicians

2.3. Many people who attended also said:

2.3.1. E is for Environment

2.4. TED is one of the only conferences that has been able to survive for more than 20 years

2.4.1. and able to successfully re-invent itself.

2.4.2. time and time again

2.5. How has the conference changed?

2.5.1. 1993 first browsers

2.5.2. You can listen to the talks online reshaped the conference accordingly

2.6. Why Vienna?

2.6.1. Vienna has always been a place that bridges gaps

2.6.2. Vienna has a history of bridging gaps between a wide variety of groups

2.6.3. continues to influence world society

2.7. How to spread TEDx?

2.7.1. it's important to build bridges, connections, and networks

2.7.2. People were originally against the Golden Gate Bridge and now? You can't imagine SFO without it

2.8. There is a crack, a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.

2.9. To bridge a gap

2.9.1. Why is the gap there?

2.9.2. how can a bridge benefit?

2.9.3. How can people cross over? how can they benefit from the organic understanding?

2.9.4. What does it mean to take the time to cross the gap?

2.10. Contact:

2.10.1. [email protected]