Sabine Seymour

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Sabine Seymour by Mind Map: Sabine Seymour

1. TEDx Vienna

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2. Functional Aesthetics

2.1. Intrigued in youth with a sewing machine

2.1.1. Mom handed me a Vogue magazine

2.1.2. C64 was my first computer introduction to basic programming

2.2. Fashionable Technology

2.2.1. Parsons School

2.3. Fashionable Wearables

2.3.1. designed garments, that combine style and aeshetics

2.4. Slope Style

2.4.1. 3 different locations park pictures, video slope communicate, orientation backcountry can not go alone bring the medical expertise to you if you need to

2.5. We created t-shirts that react to the sun

2.5.1. working with designers and artists

2.5.2. to tell stories through this medium

2.6. In order to tell me story, I wrote a book:

2.6.1. Fashionable Technology

2.6.2. Not only my style, but what others do as well

2.6.3. Amplifiers LED eyelashes LED dress

2.6.4. Scientific Couture conductive inks fungi textiles Liquid transformations on the body

2.6.5. Reflective Yarn