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Sean Bonner by Mind Map: Sean Bonner
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Sean Bonner

Sean Bonner has been involved with media, online and off, for the better part of the last 16 years. He has been featured in GOOD, Wired, Playboy, Salon, Forbes and others, been included in Yahoo!’s Best of the Web, and has spoken at conferences, events, and coffee shops around the world. As co-founder and CEO of Bode Media Inc, Sean helped create Metblogs, the worlds largest network of local media blogs. As a consultant, he has helped The Groop, Jack In The Box, LAPD, Suicide Girls, Obey Giant, Shopzilla and others interact with their customers, clients, and fans online. He also speaks frequently at conferences covering blogs, media, networks and grassroots journalism. Recently he’s spoken at IzeaFest (Orlando, FL), SXSWi (Austin, TX), Roboexotica (Vienna, Austria) and Re:Publica (Berlin, Germany). As an event organizer, Sean brought BarCamp to Los Angeles, NSC1 to Singapore, produced the first art exhibition comprised solely of phonecam images, ran art auctions and benefits for the West Memphis Three. Sean has also been a guest blogger/contributor for BoingBoing and hosted the iPhone game review show iPhun. He is also one of the founders of Crash Space, a Los Angeles hackerspace and is the creative director for the brand R5315T.

TEDx Vienna


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Neo Minimalism and the rise of the technomad

Recovering collector





"We all buy too much shit"

Most of it we rarely use

Some of it we never use

We buy this crap and then store it

and then brag about how much stuff we have

Americans spend $22 billion/ year on storage

greater than 2.5 sq. meters of storage per person

What should we spend our money on?

He who dies with the most toys, still dies

Start doing things, makes life better, you only get a little while


Fuck the same old shit and lame comfort levels


Help and enable people to share physical goods


Steven K. Roberts, Technomad, Bike, RV, Boats, canoe

Travel for a year:

I don't want any of this stuff anymore

I want to leave it in the storage thing, or throw it out

What are you waiting for?

We only have one chance/time

tech nomad community