Herbert Nitsch

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Herbert Nitsch by Mind Map: Herbert Nitsch

1. TEDx Vienna

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2. Breathless

2.1. Started freediving as a result of an airline luggage loss

2.1.1. not Austrian airlines

2.2. Competitive freediving

2.2.1. 8 disciplines

2.2.2. how long you can hold your breath

2.2.3. how deep you can go

2.3. Recreational Freediving

2.3.1. caves

2.3.2. shipwrecks

2.4. Bubbles that scuba gear makes are very loud underwater

2.4.1. and scare the aquatic life away

2.5. 1980's Luc Besson

2.5.1. The Big Blue

2.6. Built a custom diving rig

2.6.1. allows for fast descent

2.6.2. leaded fire extinguisher

2.6.3. incompressible foam used as return device

2.6.4. Coke bottle used to equalize the pressures of deep diving exhale 20 seconds in EQEX method breath the air back in lower down

2.7. Built custom diving Goggles

2.7.1. big lenses in front of my eyes correct and compensate for viewing gauges through water.

2.8. Through training, you can add 5 litres of air to over pressurized lungs

2.9. 214 meter dive

2.9.1. You don't think alot

2.9.2. Oxygen is toxic

2.9.3. Nitrogen is narcrotic

2.10. How do you train for this?

2.10.1. increase apnea time

2.10.2. pressure adaptation

2.10.3. Stress Management

2.10.4. Motivation exploring the underwater world gliding through 3D dimensions loosing the urge to breath huge performance increase exploring your limits body and mind control