Selma Prodanovic

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Selma Prodanovic by Mind Map: Selma Prodanovic

1. TEDx Vienna

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2. The influence of one

2.1. exploring the human capacity

2.1.1. we

2.1.2. the one

2.2. What do I do for a living?

2.2.1. I react to feelings, personality

2.2.2. I am a passionate connector where does this person belong how can we connect it

2.2.3. People need boxes So that they understand what I do

2.2.4. We can connect to 600-700 people at a glance because of connections and partnerships

2.3. We

2.3.1. TEDx

2.3.2. Facebook

2.3.3. Twitter

2.3.4. But we lose the One

2.4. What makes humanity survive?

2.4.1. philosophy...

2.4.2. We survive because the smile of a baby. if it wouldn't smile it makes a huge difference

2.4.3. NYC Bus experiement the bus driver said hello to each patron within minutes the entire attitude of the bus had changed.

2.4.4. Stand in front of a mirror in the morning, and smile at yourself. positive feedback the smile can be the bridge

2.4.5. Run Forrest Run! We need leader We need people with dreams

2.5. You are consuming

2.5.1. Change into people really doing something for themselves

2.6. Meeting the Dalai Lama

2.6.1. I learned as much from the Dalai Lama as I did from my children

2.6.2. Meeting, connecting, bridging the gap

2.7. Comparing to Silicon Valley

2.7.1. We have something more here in Europe

2.7.2. We're trying to copy a way of doing things that aren't the way we do things

2.7.3. How strong would Europe be if we thought about a unified Europe, and not country by country

2.7.4. The real winner of the Oscars is: European Fashion

2.8. It's not about ground breaking innovation

2.8.1. It's about constant innovation

2.9. Yes I will make a positive difference!!!!