Anecdote of Ximena

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Anecdote of Ximena by Mind Map: Anecdote of Ximena

1. In the school field trip

1.1. I met a few guys

2. I had fun

3. Activities in the nigth

3.1. I went out to dinner,I went riding motorcycles, and I also went dancing

4. Mischief

4.1. At night I escaped with a lady friend for going out with some friends we met that day

4.1.1. My friend and I entered trough a fence behind the pool, how scary

5. It was in Cartagena

6. Total rebuke

6.1. The tutor was waiting to punish us and she ended punishing the whole class, :(

7. Conclussion

7.1. I will always have the memories from this trip and how fun it was