Learning Theories

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Learning Theories by Mind Map: Learning Theories

1. Behaviorism

1.1. Theory Principles

1.1.1. Interested in observable behavior Positive Reinforcement Negative Reinforcement

1.2. Implications

1.2.1. Repetition

1.2.2. Directed Learning

1.2.3. Learning Reinforcements

1.3. Connections

1.3.1. Ted-Talks

1.3.2. Animoto

1.3.3. Voice-Threads

1.3.4. Passive student learning times in class

2. Cognitivism

2.1. Theory Principles

2.1.1. Learning is a mental process

2.1.2. Active learning by the student by being given knowledge and processing it (information processing) for future use

2.2. Implications

2.2.1. Repetition

2.2.2. Teacher-centered learning

2.2.3. Information-retention learning strategies

2.3. Connections

2.3.1. Prezi

2.3.2. MindMaps

2.3.3. Glogster

3. Constructivism

3.1. Theory Principles

3.1.1. Student Based learning Student constructs their learning based on previous experiences Student solves problems using past experiences

3.2. Implications

3.2.1. Learning through problem sets

3.2.2. Answering questions from instructors etc.

3.3. Connections

3.3.1. Gizmos as a learning tool in the classroom

4. Connectivism

4.1. Theory Principles

4.1.1. Learning is a fundamental process

4.1.2. Connecting ideas together to create a network of ideas

4.2. Implications

4.2.1. Networking fundamentals together and relating areas of ideas to each other to grow the network of learning

4.3. Connections

4.3.1. Social Media Twitter Moodle Discussion Facebook

4.3.2. Google

4.3.3. Wikipedia


5.1. Theory Principles

5.1.1. Technology Knowledge Knowledge on incorporating technology into the classroom and experience within field of technology

5.1.2. Pedagogical knowledge Knowledge about learning, learning strategies, teaching approaches

5.1.3. Content Knowledge Knowledge about course material and the curriculum

5.2. Implications

5.2.1. Technology integration into the classroom and knowledge of using it to mutual student and teacher benefit

5.3. Connections

5.3.1. Gizmos

5.3.2. Tech Demos

5.3.3. Technology-based learning courses