Gender Inequality

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Gender Inequality by Mind Map: Gender  Inequality

1. Sri Lanka

1.1. movement of women to work in Free Trade Zone

1.1.1. Social assumptions women lack moral values women disconnected from ideal gender expectations

1.2. Arranged marriage

1.2.1. dowry

2. Nepal

2.1. Gender politics behind bikas

2.1.1. Women treated as one big category

3. Bangladesh

3.1. Microcredit

3.1.1. Women forced to attend rally

3.1.2. Women used as puppets for NGOs political interests

3.2. Females' limited access to education

3.2.1. Reasons Quadrat-e-Khuda education commission investment in girls' education = waste of resources

3.2.2. Adult literacy rates of women among the lowest in the world

4. India

4.1. Son preferences

4.1.1. Sex ratio: male > female crime: rape!

4.1.2. Reasons legacy social status patriarchy

4.2. Arranged Marriage

4.2.1. dowry

4.3. Religion

4.3.1. Women not allowed in temples Sabarimala Temple case

4.4. Property rights

4.4.1. women at disadvantage

4.5. Gender-based violence

4.5.1. rape

4.5.2. domestic violence

4.5.3. dowry-related violence

5. Pakistan

5.1. Media

5.1.1. Women not represented

5.1.2. Women have few positions of power in media outlet

5.1.3. glass ceiling affecting women's advancement in career

5.2. Fashion

5.2.1. conservative