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Smartphones by Mind Map: Smartphones
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iPhone 4

AT&T services

IOS' 4

$199.99 16 GB

Retina Display with 960 by 640 resolution

HD Video Recording

iPod Touch

iMovie App.

5 Megapixel camera

G2 google

T Mobile service

4G data speed with Google


Android Market

5 Megapixels

HD video capadablity


Led Camera flash

My touch 4G

T Mobile service

Blazing Fast 4G


Video Chat

Flash 10.1

8GB memory

GPS Navigation


Visual Voicemail


Sprint service

Android 2.2

4.3 inch screen

8 megapixels

8 gb included


Android Market

HTC Droid Incredible

Verizon service

Android 2.1

Wifi Capable

8GB internal

V Cast Media Manager

3.7 Touch screen

8 Megapixels

$599.99 / $99.99