How to Make Stress your "BFF"

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How to Make Stress your "BFF" by Mind Map: How to Make Stress your "BFF"

1. Identify environmental stress triggers

1.1. All frustration is born out of Unfulfilled Expectations

1.2. Circumstances won't always go our way.

1.2.1. We don’t like to consider the fact that bad things happen, but let us paraphrase a universal truth: “Doo-doo occurs!” "Change is the only constant." Heraclitus

1.3. Are there consistent patterns in your daily schedule that routinely cause upset?

2. Identify physical stress responses

2.1. Shoulders lifting

2.2. Teeth Clenching

2.3. Shallow Breathing

2.4. Lack of ability to focus

2.4.1. Abiltity to see multiple options is diminished and you get tunnel vision

2.5. Nausea / Upset Stomach

2.6. Jittery Nerves

2.7. etc....

3. Choose a stress release methodology

3.1. Sing

3.2. Deep Breathing

3.3. Meditate

3.4. Do Cardio

3.4.1. Run

3.4.2. Punching Bag

3.5. Pray

4. Change your belief about stress

5. Go Serve Others

5.1. Happy

5.2. Happy

5.3. Greatest Commandment