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Gaming by Mind Map: Gaming

1. PC

1.1. Pros

1.1.1. Customizable Internal parts and software are changeable by the user, allowing for the machine to be updated with the latest technology. Graphics settings are adjustable to fit how powerful the machine is, allowing the user to determine if he/she wishes to utilize a more affordable or expensive machine.

1.1.2. Potential to be the most powerful Many variations of hardware surpass the default system specs of most gaming consoles. most PC hardware also has the potential to be pushed beyond its default factory settings through over-clocking techniques.

1.1.3. Most versatile Software, as well as full internet access, allow for the opportunity to communicate with different communities across the web to allow for easy friending online for different games. Controller settings are fully customizable to allow for the assigning of different actions to several "hotkeys", as well as the assigning of macro commands. Software editing/modding allows for constant change within a gaming environment that gives users the power to create entirely different games. code within a game can be manipulated to change certain aspects of that game, whether it is to make it look different or play like whole new game.

1.2. Cons

1.2.1. Prices range from affordable-expensive As more games are developed, system requirements increase. As the requirements increase, more advanced hardware is needed, and so obsolete hardware must be replaced. Replacing a computers hardware to run programs at higher settings puts a hefty cost on the user.

1.2.2. Higher maintenance required While gaming consoles require little effort to maintain, a PC needs much more attention to maintain performance. Build up of dust, power consumption, software corruption, and many more can detour a pleasant gaming experience. System security may be compromised through carelessness. Viruses and hacking technology are developed to invade and harm a computers performance, and seek to affect the user by stealing personal information. over time, the computers hard drive begins to get cluttered with bits and pieces of useless info, and so the computer needs a regular cleanup job.

2. WII

2.1. Pros

2.1.1. Family oriented The Wii promotes a wide variety of games that center around family/party oriented gaming, where 2 or more can play the game in either a cooperative or competitive play style. Most games made for the Wii center around a problem solving and easy going way of playing. Very few games for the Wii contain much blood and violence, and those that do have violence are usually done in a playful manor

2.1.2. Affordable having lower than usual system specifications, the Wii costs much less than the other gaming platforms, as well as its games are cheaper than Xbox or PS3 games.

2.1.3. Versatile the Wii holds a very wide balance of games ranging from plat formers, puzzle solving, racing, first person/third person shooters, and RPGs. there are several options to choose from when deciding what kind of controller option you wish to play with. you can play with just the Wii-mote, holding it strait or sideways like an older controller. you can choose to have the nun chuck accessory, which adds a joystick and additional buttons in the form of a separate controller held together by a cord, along with additional motion sensing capabilities. or you can play using a controller modeled like the PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers. The Wii also comes with full Wi Fi internet access, allowing you to use the Wii like you would a computer. the Wii is largely compatible with most websites and search engines, such as google and youtube. With internet access, players can browse many old and new games from Nintendos past. games from consoles such as the Nintendo 64, or even the sega genesis, are available for purchase through the shop and Wii ware channels.

2.1.4. Highly imaginative Many aspects of Wii games are centered around a very imaginative, free spirited concept. puzzles, environments, characters, and effects all aim to "awe" the player, using stunning visuals, original character design, and thought provoking images.

2.2. Cons

2.2.1. Low number of games Although the Wii keeps a good balance of genres, its total gaming library is dwarfed by the other gaming platforms.

2.2.2. Most games aimed towards a younger audience individuals who wish to play a more hardcore/mature rated range of games would not find the Wii satisfying, because most of its games are aimed to entertain younger, more imaginative people

2.2.3. low quality system specs Because of the cheap nature of the Nintendo Wii, and much of its power put into other innovative technologies, the Wiis graphics capabilities are sub par compared to the other consoles.

2.2.4. low multiplayer support Although the Wii excels at promoting in house multiplayer gaming, it lacks in the online multiplayer area. Few games take advantage of the Wiis online capabilities, and those that do have issues even connecting online

3. Xbox 360

3.1. Pros

3.1.1. Large game pool The Xbox contains a very large pool of games, many ranging all kinds of genres, giving many stories and game play types. being that it has so many games, there will be a large amount of easily obtainable used games, which can be bought at a fraction of the price.

3.1.2. heavy focus on mature content Most of the games available on the Xbox 360 are aimed towards a more mature audience, this allows those who seek a more hardcore experience to fulfill their needs for violence and competitive gameplay. Being that the games of the Xbox 360 push the boundaries of ethical gaming, players are able to further immerse themselves due to these games having a more realistic experience.

3.1.3. quality online gameplay/online store Support for the gaming community on Xbox live is top notch, allowing players to choose what kind of people they want to play with, and have easy ways of friending/playing with those who they meet online. The online store of Xbox live allows for players to download demos, videos, and previews of a huge variety of games that are in development/out on the market. The design of the Xbox 360's internet access allows for an easy connection to an online source (IE. connecting to a modem or wireless network).

3.2. Cons

3.2.1. Some design flaws Flaws in the design of some games and the Xbox 360 itself causes for quite a few technical issues, such as overheating, hardware malfunctioning, and software corruption.

3.2.2. Many low quality games Though the Xbox 360 has the largest gaming pool, its selection is plagued with a multitude of poor quality games. Most games created for the Xbox 360 are done so on a short deadline, and are pushed out to be released with little development time, usually resulting in games that range between decent to horrendous quality.

3.2.3. pricey Though the Xbox 360 itself is somewhat affordable, costs are tacked on as the need for accessories, games (many of which have a short life span), and internet access becomes more and more apparent.

4. PS3

4.1. Pros

4.1.1. Free online access As the title suggests, internet game play/access is free on the PS3

4.1.2. Quality games The PS3 has some of the most top rated games, titles such as killzone 2, God of War, Uncharted, and Little Big planet dwarf other games in comparison. Much time and money are put into the creation of some of the PS3's exclusive titles, as well as the disks having the space to pack tons of information into them

4.1.3. Powerful hardware The PS3's processor is very advanced, even in PC standards. Though a year or so ago its processor was not being fully utilized, because games werent strong enough to use that amount of power, but more recently games are beginning to fully use the PS3's full capabilities. Its multitude of processor cores allow for games to be enhanced with crisp textures, smooth and appealing edges, stunning visuals, and excellent effects. as well as having a much more intelligent AI system.

4.1.4. Doubles as a blue ray player Blue ray, the inevitable successor of the DVD player, is also included in the PS3, so money can be saved for those who choose a PS3 over others.

4.2. Cons

4.2.1. performance issues Because the creators of the PS3 put so much attention into making the monster of a processor it has, they shirked on video RAM. This causes sudden drops in frame rate when the video card becomes overwhelmed, and could cause speed bumps in ones gaming experience.

4.2.2. weak internet quality Being that internet access is free, quality and support of its multiplayer functions, as well as its support for an online community, are below the range that gameing platforms such as the 360 or PC are able to provide.