Character Stereotypes

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Character Stereotypes by Mind Map: Character Stereotypes

1. Old wise man

1.1. Dumbledore

1.2. Gandalf

2. Geeks with glasses and braces

2.1. scooby

2.2. Velma

2.2.1. Off Scooby Doo

2.3. Ugly Betty

3. Baljeet and Buford Van Stomm from Phineas and Ferb

4. Someone smart with glasses

4.1. like a geek

4.2. scooby doo girl

4.3. New node

5. a pretty and spolid girl is rich

5.1. London Tipton

5.2. Paris Hilton

6. the jock with the cool clothes and cheerleader girlfriend

6.1. Like finn on glee when he was going out with quinn

7. Bully

7.1. Bufid the bully

8. The cheerleader with the jock boyfriend

9. The Big High School Bully

9.1. Buford

9.2. Like the guys who go give me your lunch money and give nerds wedgies

10. Super Heros

10.1. Batman

10.2. su[perman

10.2.1. Superman

10.3. Spiderman

11. Trendy Teacher

12. Just a Steryotype

12.1. Frodo Baggins